Saturday, October 30, 2010

Game Notes: Habs v. Panthers (10-30-10)

Pregame: Markov is back!!! I hope that JM addressed the 2nd period vs the Islanders and the players will respond with this game.

First Period:
  • Why is JM starting Spatch and Hammer?
  • AK46 is a bull that's throwing his weight around and winning battles.
  • Eller has speed to burn and he will cash in on his opportunities soon.
  • Markov looked a little rusty on his 2nd shift of the game but he recovered nicely and then made a great outlet pass for a near breakaway soon after.
  • Price looking a little lost handling the puck near the side board... you're not Marty Brodeur!
  • Marky looks like he wants to help the 2nd line get out of their scoring funk and almost gets caught giving up a 2-1... Carey to the rescue!
  • PK shows amazing patience and vision and takes two hits from Panthers and still makes the play behind his net. Then draws a penalty for a brutal elbow that should be reviewed by the league. Definition of karma would have PK scoring the PP goal assisted by Marky but alas that won't happen.
  • Florida goal. 0-1 Wow Price made the first stop and the D needs to clear that rebound. Not surprised Gill was the culprit.
  • So much for not playing Marky on the PK.
  • Gill directly responsible for two more scoring chances... and he's one of the team leaders?
  • There's Gill's 4th mistake leading to yet another scoring chance! He's consistently inconsistent. I guess we're paying him for his post season work.
  • Good work by Gomez line to shift the momentum then draw a penalty. Lets go!
  • As bad as Gill is Subban is equally amazing especially with the extra room given on the PP. Subs wind up for the slap shot puts fear in any goalie. Learning to abbreviate the back swing could help get him his first goal of the season.
Second Period
  • Gomez needs to shoot the puck more often. He passed up a better scoring chance for Gionta's shot. His own shot could have given the rebound to a charging Gionta.
  • Plek missed by very little but you need to hit the net in that spot. Force him to make the save and possibly get a rebound.
  • Montreal goal! 1-1 Way to go to the net!!! 3rd game in a row that the 3rd line has worked hard and helped out on the score sheet. This one is a tying goal but the last two games they got the game winner. They come up big under pressure. Good work by JM to give them the offensive zone face off as well.
  • Even on Subban's clearing attempts there is clear offensive intent. That is transition at it's finest. 
  • All 5 skaters for the habs are back deep and helping their defense. Makes for easy zone exits and short high percentage passes. 
  • The fourth line should not be on the ice with Gill at the same time... Price had to bail them out with a few HUGE stops.
  • Price makes tow more huge saves to keep the game tied up. Subban tried his best to negate the chance but instead he let Pricey show off! The second save was even bigger then the first... isn't it usually?
  • Penalty shot!!!! Booth vs Price... goal. This was directly caused by Hammer skating up the middle of the ice and turning the puck over. He had no where to go and clearly didn't have a plan. This left Spatch to try to stop a 30 goal scorer alone and he had to haul him down.
  • Florida Goal. 1-2.
  • Gomez loves to stop on a dime and let everyone skate by him but sometimes that's not the best move. It even confuses his teammates once in a while.
  • Great shift by the 4th line with Marky and PK. Markov only gets better as the game progresses. JM once again rewards the 3rd line with an offensive zone face off against a tired Panthers line that iced the puck.
  • Cammy is in a funk... he never misses the net this much! He needs to get back in touch with the Force.
  • Subban has drawn a 2nd penalty. His speed and skill definitely puts a target on his back from the opposing team. 
  • 5-3 Powerplay for over a minute! They're loading up the PP to get a tying goal but will have to wait for clean ice and a neutral zone face off. Time to get a special teams goal, now that Marky's back there's no excuse for a 8.8% PP efficiency rating!
Third Period
  • Wow Gionta can't buy a goal! Two marvelous opportunities and he can't put it home?! The PP is now under 6% for the season.
  • Subban is a physical specimen, he's so strong that he can muscle others around and keep his balance.
  • AK46 does have a tendency to revert back to last years performance from time to time.
  • Interesting how JM uses two centres (Plek & Halpern) on the top PK unit.
  • Habs are at least getting shots on net, 34 and counting... 10 minutes left in the 3rd.
  • Add great stick control to Subban's repertoire of skills. This guy is going to be a star, he already is a stud.
  • Wow Price and defense needs to communicate better, that one cost them a scoring chance.
  • Is the hype too much? Marky and Subban aren't looking great for this 5th power play...
  • Florida Goal: 1-3 Pinch by Hammer leads to the 3rd Panthers goal. Lucky bounce to the trailing player and he makes no mistake. 
  • Mountain to climb if they want a 5 win in a row especially shorthanded and without their best defense man. Atleast they're not going down without a fight!
 Post game notes: The loss was not Prices fault, he did his part, Gomez and Gionta inability to score is the main reason for this loss.